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Hair clipper to help children stay clean with their hair trimmed it will reduce the expenses of hair cutting and protecting children from disease they get from public saloons .$52 


A motorcycle £1,100 (€1,320) ($1,400) UGX: (4,950,000) for basic transport needs

Van / Mini Bus ($10,000)
We don’t have proper means of transport to facilitate our outreach and other outdoor activities. The children and youth we work with are located in distant centers and they often need to come together or go out for bible, music, craft lessons, social and sports events, camps, conferences, etc. So we need a breakthrough in the provision of a minibus and driver to meet the need. 

Land ($25,000)
For the construction of our children/youth center which will provide a safe place for them to meet, learn vital skills, discover, and share about God to improve their condition of life. 

Prayer Request
Please pray:

  • That all of our children that are currently stuck - not attending school due to lack of funds get funding to attend school and brighten their future like other children.

  • That all our registered children get sponsors to access school ($20 per child per month)

  • For funding of regular food, medication, descent clothing, and bedding for all our foster children.

  • That we get funding to complete the construction of our MacGregor Foster house which collapsed last January so that children who are in need of urgent get shelter get it.

  • That we get funding for the vital December Annual Youth Conference.

  • For support, and protection over all areas of lives (spiritually, financially, and physically) of those supporting the work of YWAV.

  • For our leaders to be open-hearted and be touched and inspired by our project

  • That we secure funding to buy land and materials for the construction of our children/youth center.


How you can get involved

Please support our work

We don't receive any State funding so our programs entirely depend on; flexible subscriptions by some of our members, generous donations from friendly individuals, and organizations both locally and internationally. We would not have moved any step ahead without generous people like you; therefore to move further critical steps forward, we need your support in terms of finance, in-kind, and knowledge.

Do you feel you would like to make a difference among the lives of those world's poorest forgotten young people in Masaka Uganda? Do you believe in the potential of young people have to lead, and reverse the trends of their society? If yes, we wish to invite you to Youth with a vision, as a member, a friend  or a sponsor. 


Make a Donation, of any amount, is welcome, for general operating costs or specific programs. Your donation will help Youth with a vision provide the disadvantaged young people in Masaka with the education and skills they need to become productive citizens of their region, nation, and the world. It will also help the poor young people to mitigate poverty and reduce their vulnerability to AIDS and human rights abuse and violation. You may make a contribution and specify a program if you wish. Please make your cheque payable to Youth with a Vision.


Volunteer services

Would you like to offer your time, knowledge, and expertise to work with Youth with a vision? Please contact us about the voluntary services available. We shall be grateful to hear from you.


Link us With your Community

Today you can help to establish a formal link with Youth with a Vision and offer to become a link coordinator. Link up a school, Church, Club or fellowship within your community with Youth with a Vision. The link will provide have an opportunity for the two far apart communities to learn about the issues affecting the children and youth in each community, and share ideas on how differently or similarly these issues are being addressed. 


Become a

Team Youth With A Vision

Team Youth with a Vision are active generous members contributing £60 to £2,400 annually. When you join the Team, you will receive a personalized membership card and regular updates about our work for you to read and evaluate. Members are recognized by their subscription categories as;

  • Energizer £5

  • Visionary £10

  • Bridge £20

  • Ambassador £50

  • Samaritan £100

  • Steward £200


When you extend your generous sponsorship to a needy child today, you are not only enabling the Child to turn a corner in life but also helping to develop a leader who will create positive changes needed to make the region later on the world a safe and desirable place to live for all of us. We are seeking partners and sponsors who can help us to fund additional participants each year. If you would wish to support this program, please visit our sponsor a child leader now link for more information and pictures of children in need of sponsors.

fundraise for us and help transform the lives of the less privileged children and youth  

Where does my Donation go? 

What seems to be small money by others makes a world of difference when given to those who know first hand their need. When we work together, small donations add up, for example, £10 can not buy a reasonable meal in the USA, UK, CANADA but this same money can help to purchase scholastic materials for a child in Masaka, £50 can help to purchase materials for five, etc.

In addition, your donation can enable YWAV to conduct training sessions in human rights, HIV/AIDS, etc Once you make a donation to Youth with a vision, we shall update you on how your money was used.

I don't have money to give, what else can I do?

Thank you for your desire to support Youth with a vision, you can get involved by educating your family, colleagues, congregation, and friends about the status of poor young people and the work of Youth with a vision. You can write proposals for Youth with a vision' programs, or even host a house party or event and help to collect donations or offer to become our contact in your area. For more information please contact us.

Donate a scholastic Material

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Please partner with us to change this now. Donate a scholastic material and you provide an opportunity for a disadvantaged child to access school and have hope for a brighter future.


Did you know this? In our community, there are many children f