What is

Dine So They Can?

It is a Youth With A Vision’s annual fundraiser inviting your friends, supporters and the people in every part of the world you are to volunteer to host the world’s collective life-changing dinner party or any fundraising activity for your friends, mates, and family and ask them to; pay for the services offered, make donations and sponsorships to donate the

proceeds to support our various projects with the orphans and vulnerable children and youth in Uganda.

Your Dine So They Can…. event can be big or small and can be breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening drink, dinner, bake sale, top table sale, Ice Cream for the Oldies, car bout sale, cross-dressing, car wash, music concert, charity walk, Quiz hour, babysitting, raffle draw, wine or new dish tasting, dance competition, comedy night, ladies night etc. Depending on the size of your event, the venue can be your house or backyard, school, community or church hall.

dine 3.jpg

This year, the Dine So They Can .. fundraiser will take place on the following dates: 8th/9th/10th October 2022

Friends, supporters and everyone reading this you are all invited to host a meal or any other event and you help to raise funds to support the orphans and vulnerable children and youth in Uganda.